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We are an Elite Team of Industry Leaders


Industry Expertise

nVisti is comprised of highly skilled professionals working together toward a common goal of advancing fire control and individual soldier systems.

With the most qualified team in the industry sharing decades of collective knowledge, nVisti has developed proven processes to continually create the best quality ballistic systems on the market.


Through partnerships with Applied Ballistics and Accuracy 1st, nVisti has continued to grow and expand its' business to deliver products and training to the US Military as well as civilians.

Our Leadership


Nick Vitalbo

President & Principal Engineer

Nick began his career at Lockheed Martin in Akron, OH as one of the principal engineers on various infrared countermeasures (IRCM) and optical communication programs such as DARPA’s ORCLE program and the Air Force’s ALT program (mobile ad-hoc networks). Mr. Vitalbo was responsible for the system integration, pointing-acquisition and tracking, and system testing. After his laser-based work within Lockheed Martin, Mr. Vitalbo became the technical director, and chief engineer for several key Lockheed Martin programs (One Shot, DInGO, Towerhawk, and all Precision Engagement Technology programs). Upon departing from Lockheed, he started both companies and has partnered with industry leaders such as Applied Ballistics. Mr. Vitalbo has acted as the chief engineer on as many as half of a dozen government-funded fire control systems. Commercially, Mr. Vitalbo has contributed significantly to the Kestrel Weather Meters with Applied Ballistics, the Sig Sauer BDX (Ballistic Data Exchange) line of devices, and the Bushnell NITRO 1800. Mr. Vitalbo is responsible for many of the electronic systems and much of the software in the systems developed by nVision, nVisti, and Applied Ballistics. In addition, Mr. Vitalbo has developed other software and electronic systems that are used for device-to-device communication, digital imaging, ballistics, and wind sensing applications. His areas of expertise are in communications, EO/IR systems and sensors, and optical systems. He has a special focus on the atmospheric propagation of lasers and the integration of small arms fire control systems. His roles and responsibilities include leading the technical team and software and hardware development. He obtained both his B.S. in Electrical Engineering and B.A. in Computer Science from Bucknell University in 2003 with areas of concentration on Physics and Mathematics.


Dan Periard

Principal Engineer

Dan brings over ten years of experience in the development of soldier-carried systems that improve shooter accuracy at long ranges. Mr. Periard has been the key developer for the implementation and enhancement of the WEZ algorithms, which have been utilized to define system requirements for optical wind measurement systems, mortar fire control systems, and sniper weapon systems, as well as for mission planning. Mr. Periard has performed extensive system-level modeling to quantify the expected performance of direct and indirect fire control systems. Mr. Periard has also served as the lead systems engineer and modeler during the Downrange Wind Measurement SBIR project; during that time, Mr. Periard developed the ballistic error budget model to determine how much the proposed system would improve shooter performance, and under what conditions the system would operate. He has continued in the second phase as the lead systems and mechanical engineer for the Downrange Wind Measurement system. In addition, through nVision’s work with Applied Ballistics, Mr. Periard has acted as the lead mechanical engineer for a number of product development efforts, including AB’s Rapid Engagement Module (REM), the Integrated Ballistic Engine Augmentation Module (IBEAM), and other internal projects. Previously, he was the lead test engineer and ballistics algorithm SME for the One Shot program, which successfully demonstrated a capability to optically measure the wind and predict ballistic hitpoint out to over 1000m. Mr. Periard acted as the lead systems engineer at Lockheed Martin for the DInGO digital riflescope program; he was responsible for developing requirements, performing system trade studies and analyses, and integrating hardware for successful phase 1 demonstration of >40FPS HD video pipeline. He holds a Master of Engineering degree in Aerospace Engineering from Cornell University, in addition to a dual B.S. degree in Aeronautical Engineering & Physics from Clarkson University.

Brushed Metal

Product Development

The core of nVisti is product development for real-time electronic systems for military, law enforcement, and civilian application.

We are subject matter experts in laser rangefinders, wind measurement systems, signal processing, and more. We share our expertise with the community through our clients' products and instructional material.

WMM Phase 2E Bat Inline Front Right Oblique.jpg


Our team starts by engineering product schematics that focus on size, power, and weight to meet and exceed system requirements.

Circuit Board

Board Layout

Once the schematics for the board are agreed upon with the prime contractor, our team will prototype a board that fits the necessary form factor.

ipc 6011 pcb manufacturing.jpg


Finally our team will closely work with local fabrication experts to produce a final board for the prime contractor.



Our team draws from 50 years of collective experience to advise on the development of product requirements and project processes to ensure every project is a success.

Conquer the Castle Day 03_0584.jpeg

System Integrations

Hardware & Software Integration

Our team are subject matter experts in the integration of proprietary small arms fire control schematic and software intellectual property. Where most projects grind to a halt debugging, our team quickly identifies and solves issues, saving you time and costs.

Cross Product Integration

The true power of any subsystem is realized when it is integrated into a much larger product line. Almost all of our products are cross-compatible with each other and are capable of sharing data via our internal protocols.

Brushed Metal

Software Development

We are committed to building long-term partnerships with our clients, providing expert advice and support throughout the entire software development process.

We take pride in our work and our ability to easily integrate with your team and work style. By developing a close working relationship with your team, excellent results are achieved.


Algorithm Development

Our team specializes in the integration of proprietary small arms fire control schematics and software intellectual property. Where most projects grind to a halt debugging, our team is capable of identifying and resolving issues quicker than others, saving you time and costs.


Embedded Development

Our reputation is built on our commitment to using industry-standard tools and practices to develop software that is efficient, reliable, and maintainable. This is essential for meeting our customers' needs and exceeding their expectations.


Mobile App


Our team has a track record of delivering high-quality mobile apps using BLE technology. From simple apps for remote control to complex platforms for data transfer, we can bring any vision to life.


User Interface

We understand that the success of a product heavily depends on the user interface. Through our extensive work with law enforcement, soldiers, and private sector partners, we design simple yet intuitive interfaces for controlling the prime contractor's system.


Leaders in Defense

nVisti and nVision Logos_2_nVision.png

nVision has been awarded numerous contracts from the US Department of Defense, gaining the trust of military and law enforcement organizations worldwide. Our solutions have been extensively tested and proven in the field.











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